VAT: AT U75177746 | Reg Number: FN 516479 d
It is a lightweight black carbon residue produced
It is any wooden material that is gathered and used for fuel and heating
Wood chips are a form of organic gold, with all kinds of amazing
The heavy duty timber pallets allow efficient handling and storage.
Wood Briquettes are one of the most nature friendly biofuel, produced
 It is made using only kiln dried pine and spruce shavings from sawn timber
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Bio-Fuel: Buy Cooking wood online

Buy cooking wood online: We truly mean it when we say that we have the best Bio-fuel on the market. To ensure that each item satisfies our exacting quality standards, our expert team carefully examines and hand-picks each one. Why? We do this because we know you’ll keep it in your house by the fireplace. Or your children will use it to make S’mores. Or you’ll use it to cook dinner. You’ll want reassurance that someone gave it a thought to provide you and your family with the best firewood and cooking wood experience possible. competent delivery. free of mold and insects. creatively cut. and flavor that will inspire a lifetime of warm fireside memories.

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Absolutely the best run company imaginable!


I LOVE how this wood ignites and burns.


Delivery was awesome and firewood perfect. Timely and awesome service.


From ordering online to delivery. Cutting Edge has impeccable customer service and absolutely beautiful wood.


Awesome Firewood, best service in the world!

Rick Benson

Love the boxes the chunks of wood comes in! Nice thick chunks that works for my vertical charcoal smoker.

Enjoy Exceptional Customer Service

A premium wood purchasing experience is included with our premium wood. Our customer service team will treat you with the respect and attention you deserve when you call to place your order. We will gladly respond to all of your inquiries and assist you in placing an order for the appropriate volume of wood. After that, we’ll hand stack your order to make sure it contains the right amount of wood before preparing it. To maintain a precise amount of wood, our firewood delivery trucks keep each order separate.

Why Our Firewood is Better

All of our wood is heat treated and kiln dried for 48 hours. Every time, this carefully controlled process yields wood with a moisture content under 20%. We always create the simplest, hottest, longest, and cleanest fires by getting every piece of wood this dry. This degree of dryness is unmatched by other seasoning techniques for wood. The wood almost always has a moisture content above 20%. As a result, it is challenging to light, fizzles out quickly, and emits a lot of smoke.