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As you can see in the photos attached, I’ve had a wood-fired pizza oven for about six years. I persevered through all the terrible pizza lessons you could imagine, developing the ideal technique for Neapolitan pizza by working with the dough and other ingredients. Over the years, I struggled to locate consistent, dry, and clean wood. Here in Maryland, items that were deemed to be kiln-dried were first aged outside before being sent, at some point, to a kiln for, at most, a few hours. I think I’ve found the ideal wood at Bioluxgmbh right now. Temperature, flavor, and time are all in harmony. You can see from the photos attached that I have had a wood-fired pizza oven for at least six years. I was able to develop the ideal Neapolitan pizza technique after enduring every bad pizza lesson you could think of while working with the dough and other ingredients. Finding consistent, dry, clean wood over the years frustrated me. When something was deemed to be “kiln dried” in Maryland, it was first aged outside, then sent at some point to a kiln for a maximum of a few hours. At Bioluxgmbh, I think I’ve finally discovered the ideal wood. Temperature, flavor, and time are all perfectly balanced.


Purchased for use with the Cru 32 oven by my parents. The cuts are perfectly sized and the wood quickly reached temperature. When compared to standard firewood, she claimed there was a vast difference. 5 stars

Josh Davis

We just wanted to let you know how much better our pizzas taste now that we’re using your pizza-cut wood in our outdoor oven. Treating the wood as one of the special ingredients has changed the game because we only use a small number of ingredients to make the pizza. Thank you so much for the excellent service and product!