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Premium Wood Pellets

A1 grade wood pellets , Diameter 6mm – 8 mm.
Low dust content <1% High ash melting temperature >1200°C
Made from best virgin woods


Buy Premium Wood Pellets Online-: When you are thinking to buy premium wood pellets online or premium wood pellets for sale, you should always acknowledge yourself with its benefits, features and characteristics.  Using wood pellets to heat your house, place of business, or other building is economical and environmentally friendly.

Premium wood pellets are sold by Energy Pellets of America. High-quality pellets have extremely little ash and moisture. Our pellets burn efficiently and cleanly as a result of this. Energy Pellets of America produces wood pellets ethically using recycled shipping pallets. Our pellets are therefore a clean, renewable source of energy.

Pellets with the Energy Pellets of America name are available online. Pellets are available in 40 lb bags or on a pallet that holds one tonne. 50, 40-lb bags of pellets are included on a 1-ton pallet. According to the Pellet Fuels Institute, a typical homeowner will burn 2 to 3 tonnes of pellets each year.

Premium wood pellets for sale

Any pellet product with the designation “premium” must be able to demonstrate that it has met or exceeded the requirements specified by the United States or Europe for wood pellet fuel. These standards were developed by Deutsches Pelletinstitut, also known as ENPlus standard, in Europe and the Pellet Fuel Institute (PFI) in the United States. These criteria are met by the wood pellets produced by Energy Pellets of America, so they are recognized in this way. This indicates that independent laboratories have examined our premium-grade pellets. Our pellets tested positive for less than 8% moisture content, fewer than 1% ash content, and a significant amount of heating energy. In order to preserve the premium mark, pellets undergo frequent audits.

Why Burn Premium Wood Pellets?

Pellets of superior quality burn cleanly. Pellets burned produce hardly any ash or pollutants. You will get the most heat from your pellets if you choose buy premium wood pellets online or premium wood pellets for sale.

Additionally, you might discover that wood pellets are more economical than wood chips or cord wood. Compared to other wood heating sources, wood pellets have cheaper handling and shipping expenses because they are created from compressed wood resources. Wood pellets are typically less expensive to distribute than wood chips.

Premium Wood Pellets for pellet stove -: Higher grade wood pellets will enable your wood pellet stove to run at its best. Look for goods with an organic ash concentration of less than 1%. On average, oak pellets are a superior option because they naturally contain less ash than maple pellets. The performance of a wood pellet stove is also influenced by the amount of moisture present. You should keep in mind that dry pellets produce greater heat in the same amount of time. To achieve the highest levels of efficiency and the most pleasant levels of heat, choose lower moisture levels. Most premium grade and some ordinary grade wood pellets of high quality have less than 5% moisture content. Choose a product with a maximum moisture content of 8%, and spend extra if necessary. Over time, your premium wood pellets for pellet stove will produce more heat from each pellet, resulting in significant cost savings for you.

Low levels of organic ash content and moisture are found in the best wood pellets, but they cost more. The performance of your premium wood pellets for pellet stove is respectable when using high-quality maple and oak wood pellets, enabling you to maintain a comfortable house throughout the season.

There are a few choices available to buy premium wood pellets online or premium wood pellets for sale. When placing your order, choose the shipping option if you want the pellets delivered to your residence, place of business, or commercial location. The price will vary based on the quantity of pellet  ordered, the shipping address, and the delivery method chosen. The carrier will get in touch with you to discuss delivery of your wood pellets after your order has been finalized. Depending on where you are, the shipping process typically takes between one and two business days. Your pellets can be unloaded from the carrier’s trucks, which have lift gates, and placed on the ground. Delivery inside your garage, home, or place of business is not guaranteed by the carrier. Incase to go through more details about the product you can visit here.

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